Cincinnati Event – Feb 2013

Yep…it was yet ANOTHER Valentine’s Day

and ANOTHER gift-giving dilemma.

And you thought the holidays were over!

Whether you were old lovers or new,

we had the most UNIQUE date night that Ohio has to offer.

Imagine this– an intimate Bogart’s setting, dynamic music, scantily-clad women, sultry poetry, bawdy humor, and the most talented performance artists from here and a-far.  Add a few vendors with romantic-inspired products, a theme of fire and ice, and a reason to dress up

…and you were the Sultan of Valentine’s Day Gift Giving.



 Banner Image Website Only

invited you,

Saturday, February 9, 2013,

for the underground performances of

Passion & Poetry: Love, Stories of Fire & Ice

The month to explore the heat and chill of the sweet, volatile emotion.

Fire and Ice 5- End

February’s Bogart’s show featured:

(Click on the Performer’s Bio Page to learn more about any of our featured artists.)

Readings and Dance from the Burley Book Club

by the Cin City Burlesque Troupe,

Performances by the Bad Girl of Poetry,

Kristie LeVangie,

Musical performance and emcee by the divine diva,

B.J. Stahl,

BJ Stahl Emcee 3

Essay reading from the dynamic and talented,

Willis Gordon,


Performance from our resident comedian and all-around funny man,

Mr. Vincent Holiday,

Vincent Funny

Poetry by the vivacious and wise,

Laura Wize,

Laura Wize

And on display this show was our featured photographer,

Amanda Barbosa of Dayton Boudoir

Amanda Barbosa Boudoir Pic



2621 Vine Street

Cincinnati, OH 45219

Ages 18+

Club Attire

As with all our shows, we had select Vendors, including:

Our Resident Pleasure Consultant

Our Silver Work Jewelry Artist


(Click on the logos to find out more about these vendors by visiting their sites)

Learn more about the featured performers in this show below:

Kristie LeVangie

Photography by Nicolas Vitori of Envy Graphix

It’s hard to pigeonhole Kristie LeVangie with a label.  She’s a Poetess, a Writer, a Podcast Host, a Narrator, a Plus-size Pinup Girl, an Artist and a Performer.  She’s the creative mind behind, a cyberworld for what she calls “Sexual Intellectuals,” or people who like their sex with substance.  She’s the author of two erotic poetry collections– Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper and 4play.  She’s a contributing blogger for sites like Drunken Absurdity, ConverSextion and Wanton Woman Chronicles.  Her podcast, Shades of K–: Chronicles of Libidacoria, has audiences in over 59 countries around the world and has been featured on Playboy Radio’s Spice Channel.  And this only begins to describe what this girl gets into.

She’s performed at such venues as the Erotic Poetry and Musical Festival in Detroit, the Dirty Little Secrets shows in Dayton, the Ohio Burlesque Festival in Cleveland, the 2012 SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day Festival in Dayton and was a featured author at the 2008 Baltimore Book Festival.

Tauted as The Bad Girl of Poetry, this girl uses bad words, and that’s what makes her so, so good.

Cin City Burlesque

Formed in 2009, Cin City Burlesque is Cincinnati’s premier troupe of classic and neo-burlesque dancers. They specialize in all styles of dancing, from jazz to latin, from ballet to tap, and from contemporary to go-go. They usually staff anywhere from 8-12 dancers, with 3-4 more “guest”  performers.

Cin City’s acts can be anything from sexy and thoughtful, to funny and satirical. Shows can range from steamy and provocative to downright silly depending on the location and clientele, but they are ALWAYS performed with class and sass!

For this show, they reveal the debut of The Burley Book Club and add a bit of literature to the mix!

Find out more about your favorite burlesque troupe here.

B.J. Stahl

B.J. Stahl is a unique blend of old and new, a little obscure and reclusive…until the lights go on. She likes to bring the party with her. She’s a performer of many tasks, and she prefers to achieve them musically. A functioning part of an underground network of unknowns, she’s proudly refers herself as A Freak of Nature, if you will!

Winner of the 2009 Miami Valley Idol Contest, she now tours the tristate entertaining the masses with her soulful voice and acoustic guitar.

Find out more about B.J. on her facebook page here.

Willis Gordon

Lost Highwayman, an Outlaw Patriot, a Hellraiser, and a writer with no permanent location, going wherever the work takes him

willis11Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, Gordon is an Acclaimed Author, Powerful Essayist, Controversial Columnist, Master Orator, Musician, Boxer,  and Veteran of the War on Terror. His work captures the essence of the great American writers while still maintaining a timelessly fresh quality in his work.  As Senior Columnist and Political Columnist he has amassed a brilliant and scorching body of work at, and his first two books, The Long Road Home and The Empty Boulevards is available for purchase online at and through order in your local bookstores. His next venture, “Cowards and Thieves: Sex Drugs Politics and The Search For American Salvation” is due out in Fall 2013. His unique style has been described as…

“Gritty realism; the true feelings of the jaded youth of this generation”

Willis is a “Politico.semiautobiographical.degenerate”

“postmodern drifter westerns being skullfucked by a bottle of tequila”

“Where Hunter S. Thompson meets George Carlin”

“The man is compelled by the truth. It’s good to know political writing still has the guts of a great man we once lost and who I dare say, would have been proud of Mr. Willis and his white knuckle ways.”

“Willis Gordon is a truth seeker. He writes with a peculiar fury that acknowledges both the fragility of man, and saunters cocksure with a bourbon soaked swagger.”

Find out more about Willis Gordon, by visiting his facebook page or his blog site.  You can also find him in on

Vincent Holiday

Vincent Holiday was born funny. At 18 months old, he was telling his first joke on his uncle Herman’s knee, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Now, Vincent brings his life story, unique perspectives, and stray thoughts to the stage.

Vincent is incredibly cerebral and fearless, with an 18 Charisma. He brings an off-the-wall perspective, grounded in reality, to every joke, serving as a delicious comedy Fortune Cookie to the underlying message. Vincent combines beautifully articulated wordplay and cultural references with sharp improv and meta comedy.

Vincent has been a finalist in numerous “Funniest Person in a Particular City” contests, was a semi-finalist in season 2 of Trial By Laughter, and can be heard on iheartradio.

Find out more about the very funny Vincent Holiday by visiting his facebook page or at his website

Laura Wize

Laura WizeLaura has been called The Wise One, and rightfully so! She has a vast array knowledge on a wide range of subjects from which she garners insightful truths that make her poetry thought-provoking, amusing, and real.
Laura Wize is a poet, spoken word artist, and freelance writer. She has been writing poetry since she was sixteen and professionally freelancing for three years. Laura emerged on the spoken word scene in 2009 with a unique style that combined traditional literary aspects with an urban free-form twist.
Laura also contributed to the online magazine writing articles for the lifestyle and local scene sections. Laura was a special contributor for the fashion blog In 2010 began her own blog Wizeology chronicling modern relationship dilemmas.
As a spoken word artist she is in high demand and has featured regionally in Indianapolis, St. Louis, Columbus, and Dayton. In 2011, Laura shared the stage at the Heat Series in Cincinnati, Ohio, with HBO Def Poet Georgia Me. Laura is highly sought after as a critic and has written artist and album reviews for various publications. Laura is a core member of the spoken word collectives, “P.I.M.P (Progressive Intelligent Motivated Poets) Hand Strong.
Laura Wize– her voice IS her business.

Find Laura’s facebook page here.

Amanda Barbosa of Dayton Boudoir

Amanda BarbosaAmanda Barbosa is “Mom” to a sweet boy named Elliot. She has a portrait and event photography business in Dayton, Ohio (

Her interest in photography piqued at age 10, a time when she went everywhere with a New Kids on the Block t-shirt and her hot pink 110 camera. Playtime fashion photographer with dressed up friends eventually progressed into high school yearbook photographer and then into college where she earned her degree in Portrait and Commercial photography in 2001. Nearly 20 years of playing and 10 years of working in film and digital photography, is assurance of not only her passion but also her knowledge and experience. Every day she learns something new and falls more in love with her craft.

In 2005, she photographed her first boudoir session for her sister.  Her husband was going on a six-month tour in the Navy, and her sister wanted to give him some sexy photos to take with him. This session produced a merit winning print at the Professional Photographers of Ohio print exhibition and inspired Amanda to photograph boudoir sessions for her existing clients. With boudoir photography becoming so popular lately, Amanda was thrilled to “out” the secret side of her business!

She has been professionally trained to create magazine-quality images for every woman that wants to add a little glamour to her life.

Find out more about Amanda at her facebook profile here or at her website and come check out her images as we proudly present her as our featured photographer for our February event.

LS Royal – Cancelled last minute

Lara Konesky – No Show

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